Why can't I buy from you directly? 
Logistics, mostly! I live in the United Kingdom, so shipping to individuals is costly and it takes FOREVER for orders to arrive! It's easier for me to work with needlepoint shops directly. (The exceptions to this are the PRIDE Charity Canvases, and custom orders, which I sell and ship to individuals.)

Plus-- needlepoint shops are amazing resources! They have fun threads and beads! They have experienced stitchers who can offer advice on stitching and finishing! Shopping at your local needlepoint shop supports two small businesses at once! 

Do you do custom orders?
I'd love to work with you to design the canvas of your dreams! Maybe you want a garland with your surname for a wedding? Different colours? Whatever it is, please contact me with any custom order requests, and we'll figure it out together!

How do I finish my needlepoint canvas?
Congratulations on finishing your project! You can have your canvas finished at a finisher, or opt to self-finish your design. Your Local Needlepoint Shop can help you identify a finisher, and prices will vary depending on what you want.

If you choose to self-finish, there are dozens of tutorials online! One of the best tutorials I've found is from Abigail Cecile's website. This is the tutorial I used to learn how to finish my own designs!
For bunting designs specifically-- please view my tutorial here for in-depth information regarding measurements for materials needed, and how to space and hang your garland.