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Hi! I'm Laura!

A third-generation needlepointer, I have always enjoyed creating. My first painted design was a little drummer boy to add to the Melissa Shirley nativity scene that my mother, grandmother, and I stitched together. (I say 'we stitched', but really-- they did all the work. Of the 14 pieces in the nativity, I can only claim one as mine!)

Needlepoint has become my creative outlet, and a break from my very un-creative day job. It's also a way for me to connect with my mother and grandmother, despite the distance between us. Originally from Oklahoma, I moved to London in 2018 and have fallen in love with life here. I particularly love how often I see bunting or garlands decorating shops, homes, or small villages here in the UK-- the brightly coloured flags just make everything seem so happy!

I realised I could create needlepoint bunting to have my own special decorations. I began designing canvases for personal projects, but soon found others who wanted their own, and LauraLove Designs was born. I hope you enjoy my designs, and that the finished work brings you and your loved ones joy for generations to come!

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